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September 01, 2009



Yes, dear friend, its the tattoo that launched a thousand menus in NYC...It says "C H T" for the initial of each name of my three equally finicky boys. All that's missing is an "L" - for "Laura", for "love" ;)

Brendza Virgin

I loved the article by Nick's friend - and trust me, I know how hard it is to get him to eat ANYTHING.You see, I am his long suffering Mom!! His potatoes had to be whole, not mashed. He loved Pringles. He would only eat corn,and, surprise, spinach. None of his food on the plate could touch another food! Nick used to drink milk with his meal and always wanted a second glass, of which he would drink half. The other half was to disguise the fact he was spitting out his brussel sprouts, which would sink to the bottom of the glass, unnoticed by yours truly, who always thought she was a step ahead of her sons! Not until he went to college would Nick try any new food andeven then it would be maybe one new food a month - one month cheese, the next popcorn shrimp and so on.I think he actually began to appreciate my cooking when he announced that College cafeteria food was one grade below what he heard was served in jail!! Karen, he's all yours now. I honestly don't know hos you manage with your 3 sons plus MY son. You are a saint of a daughter-in-law.

Karen Graham

Thanks Laura for a hilarious glimpse into the life of Nicholas' food habits!! You are "dead-on" with the descriptions here ...you must come and visit sometime so we can enjoy food (and cooking!) together!!

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