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May 17, 2009



Thank you for this truth telling. We are healthy foodies of the Michael Pollen, Alice Waters school of eating, who could not wait for Ubuntu to open, only to experience vegetables masked with so much salt, cream & butter that the healthy, delicious, honest flavors of the vegetables, were nowhere to be found. Yet the food critics have raved. Umbuntu is truly a tale of hype: the emperor has no clothes!


Smirks and eye rolls over another couple enjoying their meal and a dish you did not try?

If anyone Googles Ubuntu they will see overwhelming positive reviews and not only from the likes of Bruni. Is that an indication that they are all flowing hype or maybe your view was in the minority?
It appears to me from reading your post that not only is all taste subjective but also what folks find entertaining while dining out.

The Vamp

As I state up at the top of my blog, these writings are from a decidedly decided opinion -- mine.

I agree that opinions differ about food, which to my mind makes it all the more enjoyable to talk about it.

And, happy to have a legion of fans knocking down Ubuntu's door. It means that they aren't angling for a table at a restaurant that I want to go to.

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