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April 29, 2006


Doc bill

Alas, fennel is not my favorite. It stems from an unfortunate incident during an otherwise splendid meal in England during which I hoisted a great forkful of "cabbage" into my yawning cavern only to be shocked that it was fennel. No, the smell didn't tip me off but I was expecting cabbage and got...licorice!

My education continued that evening as I chomped into a spoonful of "whipped cream" only to discover it was brandy butter.

Caveat emptor!

What to do with a bunch of fennel? I'd suggest tying the ends of a length of surgical tubing to two trees. Place the fennel at the apex of the tubing, pull back 10 or 20 feet and let loose. Oh, I'd also shout "fore" because shouting "fennel" would not have the desired effect.

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