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March 28, 2006



Ok I thought your Juniper Breeze was the yummiest thing I had ever sipped, even over my all time favorite Ramos Gin Fiz but now I will have to see how this one stacks up.


Finally caught up on your posts. (It's been that kind of a week). I have to agree: cherry juice, Scotch and brandy-infused cherries sound like a much tastier combo than pork rinds and white chocolate. (Actually, almost anything sounds better than that combo... it's the first time, I've actually found an exception to my general rule that anything tastes better dipped in chocolate).
Great to see you Tuesday.


So was the gent next to you able to catch your eye?

The Vamp

What can I say? I'm a sucker for gent with a Cheshire cat smile and a devilish wink...Okay, perhaps I can do without the wink. But, I most definitely stand by the smile.

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