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October 17, 2005



Even arrangement,
Generous toppings, looks right
Not too much sauce, please.

Kinda sucky haiku (my specialty), but the right idea. Crust thickness, slice size and all other volume-related considerations are situation dependent. If I haven't eaten in 24 hours, no delicated morsels for me. Mostly, though, it's enough toppings, evenly distributed, and of the right kind for my craving at that time. And not too much sauce, always.


Not too cheesy. Crust should be thin and crisp. Sauce matters much more than toppings, though a generous heaping of fresh, sliced mushrooms and onions can make a good pizza great.
Sal's in Williamsburg makes a helluva good pie. (I like the chicken pizza -- I could go for one right now).

David Zaza

I'm a week late to this pizza party, sorry. My thoughts: 1. Size matters, but bigger is not necessarily better. A manageable medium wins every time. 2. Crust counts. If there's a slightly burned little knob up along the crust--or a delicious airy bubble--you know I'm going for that one. 3. Toppings: Again, even distribution counts more than quantity. I don't want a whole forest on one slice--just my share of the mushrooms.

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