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May 16, 2005


Dr. Biggles

Sigh. The rumor I heard was whomever was considering Acing Cookie altogether. Dimwits, if you're going to ace anyone, torch Elmo. It's far easier to keep a child's diet in check than it is getting them to speak correctly. Simply don't have cookies in the house. It isn't that easy with baby talk. Grrrrr. When I saw Elmo slothing along with his baggy pants, hat all askew, rapping and finishing up with BOYYYYEEEEE ... I just about came unglued. If they want to be thugs when they grow up, fine. But they don't need to drop an attitude at 3 years old. Zachary was doing that by 2nd Grade and "whatever" came out of his mouth at nearly every interraction. That was his last year, he's now being home schooled. Oddly enough that behavior is gone, he's scoring excellent on state tests, learning the guitar, recorder and Latin. All is fine, even though ol' Cookie will be cut back. Besides, what's wrong with eating cookies for dinner?


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