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March 08, 2005



Great recipe. I loved the cream and gruyere cheese. I did make one addition to the recipe. I added two whipped up eggs to the cheese and cream mixture. The result was a more custardy mac and cheese. Have you ever considered evaporated milk in this recipe? I know it sounds pedestrian, but It was the wonder indgrediant in many 40's recipes, and a worthy substitute for cream.


I am confused. I thought the "contest" was for a TRADITIONAL MAC & CHEESE. So; a) why a "more upscale, European version"? b) how did that win over the Gourmet Gal's "homestyle" version that obvioulsy stayed within the contests rules? and c) seriously, it seems the writer declared herself the winner..... having sampled the GGs skills, I am found this article a little self promoting. However, I am sure when you add pancetta it is an awesome dish!


Where is the Gourmet Gal Mac and Cheese recipe? I want to see that one. I want to see what was chosen as the co-winner.

The Vamp

Here's a link to it on the site:

It had its own separate posting...

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