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March 23, 2005


David Zaza

I was on the other side of the bartender debate, but it wasn't the speed of service that disappointed me--I thought she served quickly and pleasantly, considering how many of us there were. For me, the problem was the stinginess of the drinks vs. the cost. Other small East Village dives--this is something I'm pretty familiar with--tend to serve more generously than this one, and tend to buy you a round when you're ordering, say, your fourth or fifth round. For the six or seven times money passed from me to her, the drinks seemed to get smaller (though maybe my liver was just getting swollen?). Oh, and the pizza was just right! Did you miss that part?


I'm on the "for" side too (gotta admire a bartender who not only hears you but responds when you mention to a friend halfway down the bar that you're ready for a drink). But if we want to buy Maureen a `real' marg, might be worth a visit to the bar at Dos Caminos.

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