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February 22, 2005



Ooh, that sounds yummy! Is it hard to find? Horribly expensive? If not I'm getting some!


We LOVE Rosa Regale. To Amy's question, the cheapest place I have found it so far ($18.99) was World Market (Cost Plus). I have seen it got for as high as $25.99. Avoid this high price tag if at all possible.

Thrill and amaze your friends with a "sparkling red". Everyone asks us about it when we serve it.

I never noticed the alcohol content. I'm a total lightweight apparently, but that explains why my wife and I can plow through a whole bottle between us with no ill effects, whereas we can only drink one glass of Conundrum before we have to call it quits.

Thanks for bringing this up!

Dr. Biggles


Is there any place where I can find out about these happenings BEFORE they happen? I still can't find any notices on my normal haunts that this was out. Feh. I wanna play too!


Dr. Biggles

OH !! You had to be specially chosen. Hmmm.

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