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September 22, 2004


Dr. Biggles

Oh man, don't get me started on America's girth. AARRRRGHHHH. America's girth has put me in to a tail spin. Sure I could change, sure I could just find another pair of jeans to wear. When I start a rant on how the Levi Strauss Company ruined my life people walk the other direction. They believe me to be petty and a nut case. Yeah, that's true alright.
Well, apparently 7 months ago or so Levis changed the cut of their 501 to give the American public a skosh more room for their FAT ASSES. Plus they widened the leg so we could all be hip hop stars. Well for crissakes! I've had the same girth for over 15 years now and don't need a damn skosh more room. Plus I'm white and look like a damn Norwegian Axe Murderer. I don't NEED to look like some hip hop star. Don't need it, don't want it.

Other jeans don't fit me right. I like my old 501s.

So, I've been buying them off ebay. Doing fine that way I suppose.

Bought some 505 jeans to see if that worked. NO.

I'm in hell.

Feh, America's Girth can bite me.

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