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August 23, 2004


Dr. Biggles

Actually bit down upon the fanger, eh? That ain't cool, funny though. Even so, 3 million for that goof is a bit much I would think. Do restaurants have insurance for such claims? How would they end up paying for that? Or would they just close their doors and disappear? And whose finger was it? I don't buy the story of the 'staffer' cutting their finger. It wouldn't have been 'hard' and NO way could they have lost a finger tip without someone seeing something. Like 14 gallons of blood all over the floor, counter and towels. Certainly wasn't anyone who worked at the restaurant directly, surely someone would have said something. And it probably wasn't a direct supplier, nope. It must have been someone either picking/sorting the lettuce. Or maybe the farmer guy in the tractor plowing the fields, his tractor must have stalled. He got out to see what the matter was, got things rolling again, leaned back to wipe his brow and the machine plucked off a finger. He surely stumbled and started cursing and screaming, couldn't have noticed where his finger flew too and ran off, not before he shut down the tractor though. The finger probably got knocked around a bit and dried out some before the picker got it up and in to a truck to be packged up. My money is on the tractor operator. Yup.

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