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August 19, 2004


Dr. Biggles

Holy Cow! Looks like an episode from this months run on the Trio Network, "America -Supersized".

Oh man, I need some food. Skipped lunch and dinner is a few hours away, still. Ugh.

The Malcontent

Open this restaurant and I will leave Baltimore ("The Land of Pleasant Living") and live in an RV by Glutton! And I'll bring Natty Boh for the chef/owners.

And don't forget to celebrate St. Bovintine's Day (February 14), "For Meat Lovers and the People That Love Them."


Dear Malcontent,

We plan on opening Glutton Balmore in late 2005 at a location on West North Ave between Falls Road and West Mt. Royal Ave.

It's worth noting that Glutton Balmore will have a crabhouse element to it. We're still working out the kinks though.

Proprietor, Glutton

Robert Johnson

I once had all you can eat chicken wings with Ben and he actually played Wings (the band) on his headphones to keep himself pumped.

Jenny Bling

My love for meat falls only behind my adoration for the bottle. When Glutton has perfected the "Porterhouse Jack Daniels-infused- "High Life"-glazed,ain't "mad", but "drunk", Cow twilight Special", I will move in.

justin k

this is brilliant. i want in

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