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July 23, 2004



Good as it was, I would venture a guess that your ice cream is more "the bomb" than theirs!!!

Dr. Biggles

Yay for icey creams! I got some little carpal tunnel while you were out having fun. That's what I was doing. Bleh.


when i was visiting SF in april, i had rose-saffron ice cream from the bombay ice creamery. do you know if there's anyplace similar in NYC? i feel like there must be, i just don't know where to begin to look. (so far google has yielded the pakistan tea house, on church street, but their variety seems to be limited to mango, saffron, pistachio, or fig. which is exciting, but not as exciting as i'd hoped.) (google also led me to your page, in case you're wondering who the hell i am and how the hell i got here.)

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