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July 26, 2004



Dear VV,

Your search for the canned cheese for the trash party brought back hilarious memories because they actually served that on crackers during a tour I took in Nashville, TN recently. I thought you would enjoy a review of this unique tour company.

Your blog always brightens my day.


Forget the stars' homes. For a fun and campy tour of Nashville aboard a gaudy pink bus, try Nash Trash Tours (tel. 800/342-2132 or 615/226-7300; www.nashtrash.com), narrated by the spandex-clad "Jugg" sisters. Sheri Lynn and Brenda Kay dish the dirt on all your favorite country stars. Throw in a few risqu

Dr. Biggles

Hey, did you make it down to the Ferry Building? Farmer's Market?

I waved from across the bay, did you see me?

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