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May 10, 2004


Dr. Biggles

Sigh. The things people worry about. If these nitwits would come to Richmond and sit for a lunch period to actually SEE what these children were eating it would answer many questions. Probably raise a few more. Milk isn't these kids problem. They don't drink enough of it to get fat. Chips, sodas & candy is something they snack on nearly non-stop throughout the day.
Our elementary schools don't have P.E. daily or at all. And if the class/pupils have been acting up that day, the teacher won't even let them out for BREAK !!!!! Then their 300lb family members double park outside the school to take them home to watch teevee or play Xbox. Hey everyone! It is MILK turning my child in to a fat idiot! I'M NOT TO BLAME !!!! Heaven forbid the parents give a rat's nut about their children and pay attention to their diet and exercise. sigh.

Hey, I believe that is two rants in a row. Neat.

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