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May 06, 2004


Dr. Biggles

What's next? Sigh. Supermarkets are already filled with meandering shoppers who have no idea anyone else is in the market. The sheer thought of them pumping themselves up while shopping makes me ill. Someone will get really hurt during a collision, someone will pull a lower back muscle and sue the chain. Plus, these people will be sweating profusely, do you believe they will 'wipe down' the push bar on the cart? No, no they won't. The next poor sob that waltzes in to get their pop tarts will get a smelly, slimy cart that most likely will cause them to retch.
Personally I've lived through a handful of shopping cart 'innovations' and I'll tell you what. I'll bet you these fancy carts will end up in isles, abandoned. Why? Because that fancy schmancy mechanism will wind up broken and rendering the cart unmovable. Not to mention some poor little ol' lady or man will have to call the manager to adjust the resistance enough so they can MOVE the damned thing.
What's next you ask? Law suits, disease & pain.
Sez me.

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