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March 17, 2004


Dr. Biggles

Yay for wine tasting. Funny you should mention wine in a box. I was doing some grocery shopping at our local chain grocery store and walked PASSED the wine in the box selection saying to myself, "wine in a box? That isn't wine." We have an older gentleman here, a crazy scientist, he drinks wine in a box here at work saying something about helping with Alzheimers. I'm thinkin', dang if you must drink wine for medication, wouldn't you want to drink something worth your time and effort? Well, maybe he likes making puffy balloons of the empty wine bladder. You have to admit, those are fun.

Inebriated Blogger

It was a great tasting nonetheless - and fun. And I was just in a good mood. Of course following it up with Aquavit for dinner and Craft today for lunch makes it a nice "weekend". Glad you enjoyed your time there and glad I could be of help.

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