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March 22, 2004



Dear God...

Dr. Biggles

That would be more funny if'n you din't have to pay.
Thanks for the giggles anyway.

Your Waitress

All i have to say is I was only trying to do my job. I was most definitely NOT hitting on you or your friend, believe me. If you want to discuss this further send me an email.

Matt Kantor

I am too better looking than Smith Jarrod. I mean, look at him: what do you think he's hiding behind that small bottle of vodka? For my photo shoots, I have to pose with a jerobome of 66 Chateau Palmer! And what kind of a dumb, backwards-ass name is that, anyways?


Trust me, I've eaten with Matt at many a restaurant and when he throws done his "why don't you choose for me" (with that certain twinkle in his eye) when ordering, all the waitresses swoon.


She was definitely hitting on you, Matt.


Ok, so I've heard this story twice now (here, and from Matt with whom I work Garde Manger at Picholine). I have also heard from other people in the know that the food at Spice Market, while interesting, is only O.K., and that the decor and waitresses with backless shirts steal the show. Why then, does Amanda Hesser, give Spice Market 3 stars? I have never once agreed with Hesser on anything. Not to mention I think she entirey forgot to credit Gray Kunz in her review. She is by far the most over-rated and absurdly prominent food-writer of our time. But what is she thinking? One week after demoting Montrachet to 2 stars, she swoons that Spice Market is the best thing since sliced bread. She reminds me of E. Toohey from Ayn Rand's _The Fountainhead_, a self-important critic who promotes mediocrity into pop-stardom BECAUSE mediocrity is repeatable, replacable, familiar, and comforting. Perhaps more important to Toohey is the power trip experienced by convincing the masses that average is great. I hope Hesser is not playing games. Alternatively, I hope she comes to realize that novelty does not equate to greatness, and tradition is not just old habit.

Meanwhile, I can't wait to try Spice Market for myself... If only for the attention of a doe-eyed, backless shirt wearing waitress...


Jon Shore

The review was hilarious. Three stars for spring rolles and other "street food" is *interesting*

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