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February 18, 2004


Dr. Biggles

Valentines. Years ago it erked me a bit that my wife didn't care about Valentines. These days I feel better about it. This last one I ordered Straw Hat pizza delivered and watched Spaceballs on teevee. Perfection. I send her flowers enough, so we're set.
There's nothing quite as depressing as uninspiring fried chicken. When one orders fried chicken, it's because you really crave that crispy, juicy chickenny dish. Everyone has this picture in their head of the golden brown chicken of love. And when it shows up to the table, the first bite is taken and your hopes fall to the bottom of your feet ... oh it's so depressing you want to cry. Which is why I rarely order it when I go out. It isn't worth the possible hell.

Since I've only just arrived here and don't know you, what's the deal with using alcohol in cooking? I don't believe I could live without my port & shallot meat pan sauces. And a splash of hearty red wine in 'some' red pasta sauces makes me grin. I use a thick beer for my barbecue sauces along with a huge pot of chili. Yum. It's what I require! Of course you've heard all this before.
Dang, it's 8 am here and I'm already hungry. Sigh.

the vamp

I was saying just the opposite. I NEVER complain about the use of liquor in cooking. It is a must in many circumstances. This baking endeavor, however, just didn't fit the bill - or at least their use of rum was way off the mark.

Dr. Biggles

Whups, sorry. It sounds like not only their use of rum was off, but most everything else.
I believe I'll make some fried chicken this coming weekend! Yum.

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