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February 17, 2004


Dr. Biggles

Yeah, those be large images alright!
One way of handling it is this:

You need to hunt around on you computer system for an image editor, like photoshop. But nearly any half wit of an editor should do fine.
Choose the open command and pull your image into the editor.
Hunt around in the program for something that will allow you to change the SIZE of that image.
Change it to maybe 6 inches by 4 inches of a physical size and maybe 100 dpi/ppi. I like the images for my site 90 to 120 dpi.

Or when you are uploading your images into Movable Type choose POPUP image instead of embedded. And choose a thumbnail size of maybe 250. This will give you nice thumbnail images instead of the full action.

However, you really do want to knock the image down a bit so you're not storing those larger files. Eh?

Dr. Biggles

Or set your camera to a lower, much lower, resolution ...

the vamp

Thanks for the advice. As you can see, the photos have been resized. Much better, yes?

Dr. Biggles

You bet. It made your blog all wide and stuff.

the vamp

Yeah. It looked dreadful. BTW - Love your MeatHedge site. I've got a meat-crazy friend (a reformed vegetarian), who will get a real kick out of it.

Dr. Biggles

Hey, that's good news. Thanks !!! I like reformed vegetarians. They're so happy about eating meat.

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