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September 17, 2003



Bloomingdales is not located on 57th Street. Its between 59th & 60th, with entrances on either Lexington or 3rd Avenue.


Does anyone know where to get frogurt outside of NYC? I was there this weekend (I am from San Francisco) and have been searching the web for any evidence that this real frozen yogurt exists anywhere else, specifically California. My NYC friends have emailed me to taunt me several times today to let me know of their superiority because they have frogurt.


Hey, I work at the cafe inside the Garden City Lord and Taylor, and we serve your yogurt. It's by a company called "FROGURT" and we serve the "plain" and also "strawberry"...but ofcourse plain is best!!


Does anyone know where else besides Bloomingdales in n.J. I can get plain frogurt? Thanks for the help


Does anyone know how to get this "frogurt" in texas?

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